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Terms and Conditions

By registering your child on a Phys-Kids sports camp, you agree to both the terms and conditions set out in this policy and on the signed agreement on each booking form. It is a legal requirement for all children to have a completed booking form.


All bookings are non refundable and non transferable unless a written request is received by us before 5pm on the Friday before the commencement of the camp. In the event of illness or injury, bookings will only be refunded on production of a doctors note. Any children expelled from a camp will not be eligible for a refund.

Returned cheques

In the event of cheque being returned to us unpaid, we will charge £5 supplementary to the original balance to cover the cost incurred on our business bank account.


All payments must be made in advance. In order to receive the half price discount for siblings, bookings must reach our office before 5pm on the Friday prior to commencement of the camp. Any bookings made after this will be charged at either the standard daily or weekly rate. Only payments made in advance or on the first day of a camp will qualify for weekly rate. Eg. Paying only £20 on the first day of camp, and then paying the balance of £80 is not permitted. The minimum booking is one day. No discount will be given to children arriving late or leaving early.

Late Bookings

The working parent option of paying £4 extra per child per day will only qualify for the half price siblings discount on advance bookings.

Children must be collected before 6pm. Any collections after 4.20pm will be charged the standard £4 per day late booking fee.